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A personalised service for those applying for a new or variation operating licence. One consideration should be made to making an application at least 9 weeks before it is required. What type of licence also, Restricted(R), Standard National(SN), Standard International(SI).
Operator Licence Applications

Assistance In Applying
For A Licence

We offer fixed-fee operator licence applications (Excludes additional advertising fees and application fees) 

How to apply for a Licence?

We suggest you apply for your goods’ vehicle operator licence at least 9 weeks before you want to start operating, allowing your application to be processed.

For the licence, you will be needing to:

  • Advertise your application
  • Advertise your proposed operating centre(s)
  • Designate a transport manager if you are applying for a standard licence
  • Provide information regarding your financial situation
  • Sign up a maintenance contract with a garage/agent for safety inspections
  • Pay the fee for application for operator licence
Apply for your licence now!
To get started with your application process please give us a call on 02080 889364 or fill up the form below to get our team to call you.

    Operator Licence compliance consultancy specialist, providing expert advice & Guidance to operators.
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