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An app designed by industry experts delivering a comprehensive & powerful system that works for all equipment vans, trucks, heavy plant equipment etc. Inclusive of the workshop management platform.
Daily Defect App

Everything Tied
In One Platform

With this one digital system, you can transform your tiresome paper-based checks into smooth and hassle-free digital inspections!

We guarantee you overall vehicle and plant machinery compliance. Our digital service runs in three steps,

  • Inspect
  • Analyse
  • Comply

Our digital inspection database and app will make your life easier with,

    • CheckPro: Our daily defect app acts as your co-pilot in ensuring fully compliant fleet and mechanical assets.
    • Reducing your costs by eliminating risk and improving operational efficiency.
    • DVSA approved fleet and workshop management suite: Provides you with a full audit coverage enabling your business to be compliant with DVSA, FORS, ADR and HSE regulations.
  • PMI Checks: Delivers you customisable, secure and tamperproof checklists, GPS and time-stamped reports with an additional accident and incident reporting feature.
  • Keeping you updated through emails, reminders and all your assets and vehicle data.
How we do it

Quick and Routined Checks

Daily Checks

Our service offers you customisable checklists for HGVs, PSVs and other assets including machinery and plant.

Workshop Management

We provide complete compliance and maintenance through scheduling inspections and PMI streamline process tracking costs for all assets.

Walk-around Checks

Straight forward, accurate and daily walk-around checks ensuring complete visibility of key metrics.

Quick Identification

Digital system quickly identifies your areas of improvement. We believe in no hidden ties! So there are no ongoing contracts month on month.

Operator Licence compliance consultancy specialist, providing expert advice & Guidance to operators.
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